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Field Center we don't get what we want; we get what we intend
Peter Russell  
David Lynch Froundation for consciousness and world peace
transcendental meditation  
Seth and his offspring  


Peter Russell: the primacy of consciousness  
dr Thomas Campbell - My Big TOE  
Thomas Campbell on Coast to Coast coast to coast
John Hagelin Phd on spacetime foam  
John Hagelin on unified field  
John Hagelin on peace from the quantum level  
John Hagelin on consciousness and strings interview
toward integral consciousness scientific forum, March 2006, Dusseldorf
Stuart Hameroff on consciousness  
Stuart Hameroff on time and consciousness  
David Lynch: consciousness, creativity, brain  
David Lynch: darkness and light  
David Lynch: & John Hagelin: World Peace & Unified Field  
Meher Baba: evolution of consciousness  
Dean Radin: global consciousness project radio
Dean Radin Phd: quantum physics  
Roger Penrose: the problem of consciousness  
Penrose-Hameroff : quantum consciousness  
Greg Braden - The Matrix of Life radio
The Divine Matrix: Gregg Braden  
Greg Braden - Union of Thought and Emotion  


quantum consciousness  
the mystery of consciousness  
science and consciousness  
questia: concept of consciousenss  
Seth: universe is a hologram  


William Buhlman : benefits of astral travel coast to coast
afterlife-knowledge links  
The Day I Died. BBC  
dr Brian Weiss, M.D: same soul, many bodies  
Dr. Brian Weiss : past & future lives  
Brian Weiss on Past Lives, Same Soul Many Bodies coast to coast
R Bruce, B Mercer: Mastering Astral Projection coast to coast
siddhi: supernormal perceptual states  
power of the shaman  

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Seth/ Jane Roberts  
free transcendental meditation book  

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